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  • Obtain any necessary labs, x-rays, ekg, and pre-operative medical clearance as requested by Dr. Brady.  This MUST be done before surgery.

  • DO NOT EAT after midnight the evening prior to surgery.

  • Stop blood thinners prior to surgery as directed by your PCP or by Dr. Brady

  • Stop herbal supplements 10 days prior to surgery.

  • Shower well (with antibacterial soap) the evening before or morning of surgery.

  • We will schedule you a pre-operative visit (or telephone call) with an anesthesiologist to review your medical history. 

Before Surgery

Day of Surgery

  • Do NOT eat anything the morning before surgery.

  • Do NOT drink coffee unless instructed to do so by the anesthesiologist.

  • Arrive at the surgery center or hospital at the time instructed.

  • Bring a book the day of surgery.  Sometimes the wait can be long.

  • Wear loose clothing.  Large button-up shirts are the easiest to re-apply after surgery.

  • Take ONLY the medications suggested by the anesthesiologist during your pre-op visit.

  • You must have someone to drive you home and also someone must stay with you for 24 hours after surgery. 

NOTE: Call our office with ANY questions or concerns 24 / 7

After Surgery


  • Dr. Brady will instruct you about the specifics of your rehabilitation process.

  • You can start the gentle passive range of motion exercises on postoperative day #1.

  • Always GO SLOW with exercises.

  • Always listen to your BODY!  Unless Dr. Brady tells you otherwise...when something hurts...STOP!

  • You are to BOSS of therapy...not the therapist.  You must be honest with your therapist and tell them when to stop pushing you.

  • In general rehab goes in three phases.

    • 1.  Home exercises​

    • 2.  Range of motion

    • 3.  Strengthening

  • Rehab is usually slower than expected with many ups and downs along the way.​

  • Any time you get discouraged or have questions feel free to call our office to talk or make an appointment to come back in to see us.

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