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Suffered Torn Rotator Cuff
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

"I was blowing leaves with a backpack leaf blower.  I wanted to start early because with a little dew on the ground I wouldn’t have all the dust. But I stepped on a little wet slope, slipped and fell. I fell sideways on my right shoulder and didn’t have time to put my arm out to catch myself or anything. I fell full force. When I hit, I knew I had done some damage.”

"Now my shoulder is Fantastic! Six weeks after the sur­gery, I began going to rehabilitation three times a week and then, later, by myself at home. I read an article on Dr. Brady and his invention that is supposed to make your shoulder several times stronger than nor­mal. You know, I saved that ar­ticle thinking that Dr. Brady was who I would want working on me. Maybe the Lord had some­thing to do with it. I believe in Divine intervention and Divine healing, too."

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Suffered from Rotator Cuff Tear and SLAP Tear
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"I had an injury back in February.  I realized there was more to it than the normal wear and tear.  We did the MRI and before we actually did the MRI, Dr. Brady said that I had a Rotator Cuff Tear. Considering that I had 50 kids depending on me to get them through the dance performance, I was worried how I could do it.  Dr. Brady treated me with conservative treatment until after the performance.  He timed everything perfect knowing I had a business to take care of. I was worried how I was going to do my job.  Not only as a mom but a dancer.”

"I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful I am that we did it (surgery) when we did.  Now, not only do I have my full range of motion back, I'm actually stronger because my therapist encouraged me to start working with weights and building my strength back.  Now, I'm actually twice as strong with my upper body than I was before surgery.  I'm running a much faster pace than I was this time last year.  This time last year, I was a mess.  I was in a lot more pain.  I'm glad I did it."

Suffered from Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

"I was out gardening when I felt something pop in my shoulder.  I had let it go on too long.  By the time I went to see Dr. Brady, I had destroyed my shoulder.”

"It was excellent care.  Everybody was so helpful and so attentive.  When you needed something, they were there.  Dr. Brady is an excellent doctor.  He explains everything to you; he's just so good."  Linda recently passed her shoulder movement tests with flying colors and is back in the yard working again.

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Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
Suffered from AC Joint Separation
Arthroscopic AC Joint Reconstruction with 'Dog-Bone' Implants

"I fell at the golf course near my home.  The toe of my shoe caught on a rope that surrounded a green, and I tumbled down a slope. I tried to pull in and roll to avoid injury but apparently wasn’t able to draw my shoulder in enough to prevent a damaging impact."

"It’s working for me and that the outcome is much better than what I imagine it would be with the old method of surgically inserting screws. He’s back on the golf course, and his collarbone is in place.  It hasn’t come up (the collarbone), and I’m giving it full strength on golfing out there."

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Patient Comments:

"No better surgeon in East TN than Paul Brady. My wife tore her ACL and MCL in her knee and after Dr. Brady's surgery; she was back playing tennis in 6 months stronger than ever. "Treating patients like family" is exactly how Dr. Brady runs his practice"

"Dr. Brady did my shoulder surgery and treated me like a family member. I highly recommend him. I did very well after the procedure. He is the best"

"Dr. Brady helped my 17 year old son with a shoulder injury and helped my 65 year old father with his knee pain. They are both doing great and grateful for the personal care. Highly recommend him!"

"Dr. Brady is very intelligent.  The best in his field, in my opinion."  - TC

"It's worth the drive from North Carolina to see Dr. Brady." - MT

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