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Letter from Patient...

I’m writing to you today because of an experience I had here at Parkwest. On Sunday, May 31, 2015, I was trying to stop a fight between my cats when I was bitten on my hand by one of them. As the day went on, my hand began to swell. I ended up at an urgent care facility where I received a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

The next morning my hand was swollen even more.

I came into work and Dr. Paul Brady noticed it when he came through the Bistro and asked me what happened. I told him it was a cat bite and he said it looked like I needed stronger antibiotics. He stopped what he was doing, let me know that the first 48 hours after a bite are crucial, and called Dr. Timothy Renfree. They worked together to make time for Dr. Renfree to see me on my lunch break, and Dr. Brady came back to take me over to their office. He even took me in the back door where the doctors come in and out.

Dr. Renfree checked my hand and was concerned that I had bloodstream poisoning from the bite. Dr. Renfree called Dr. Adams to talk with him about it. Next thing I knew, I was being taken back across the street to Parkwest to be admitted. I was an inpatient at Parkwest for three days. They gave me strong antibiotics around the clock. Everyone was so great to me.

I was discharged on June 3 and am still on antibiotics. My bite has cleared up, the swelling is back down and I’m back to work.

Dr. Brady and Dr. Renfree saved my hand from surgery, and possibly worse. I am so grateful to them and I just wanted you to know how they cared for me. Dr. Brady especially went above and beyond what he had to do. I am so pleased with the results.

Sincerely, Anne Rackley

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