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Shoulder Hurts at NIGHT!

"My shoulder and arm hurt at NIGHT!". Why is this? Night pain is one of the most common symptoms of a shoulder problem. This problem can be something minor such as bursitis or tendonitis...or it could be more problematic such as a rotator cuff tear or arthritis. There are a few reasons why pain seems to be worse at night. First...during the daytime most people are so active and on the go that they simply don't have the time or energy to focus on pain in the shoulder. However when night comes along...people slow down and then the brain can actually focus on areas of the body which "aren't right". The second reason why the shoulder and arm hurt more at night has to do with GRAVITY. During the day, gravity is pulling the arm downward and thus creating more room for the shoulder. At night when we lie flat, the arm bone is no longer being pulled downward and tends to creep upward and thus decreases the room available for the shoulder. This creates more pressure within the shoulder and causes more PAIN! Night pain is an important symptom that should motivate you to seek evaluation and treatment! Don't ignore could be important! CLICK "ONE CLICK REFERRAL" above for an appointment with Dr. Brady.

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