Avoid Reverse Shoulder Replacement!

Superior Capsular Reconstruction

A new procedure called the SUPERIOR CAPSULAR RECONSTRUCTION (SCR) offers some patients an exciting and MUCH less invasive option for their shoulder. Patients with massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears are sometimes encouraged to undergo a very large and invasive procedure called a REVERSE total shoulder replacement. However if these patients have limited arthritis in their shoulder...they may benefit from an ARTHROSCOPIC and minimally invasive surgical option. The SCR uses allograft tissue (from an organ donor) to reconstruct the top part of the shoulder and hold the humerus (arm bone) securely in place so that the other healthier muscles around the shoulder can work more efficiently. This SCR procedure is done arthroscopically and thus is much less invasive than the reverse shoulder replacement. Also risks of infection and such are significantly less with arthroscopic procedures. Dr. Brady was amongst the first surgeons in the country to pioneer this exciting procedure and preliminary results of the SCR procedure are encouraging!

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