Shoulder Device Patent Issued!

About 13 years ago Dr. Paul Brady first visited Arthrex, Inc. in Naples Florida and saw the "patent wall" where device and technique patents are displayed. Pioneer surgeons and engineers who have contributed to orthopaedic innovation are recognized with a plaque of their invention contribution. That day - 13 years ago - Dr. Brady set a career goal to "make the patent wall"!

Well...almost 4 years after Dr. Brady's invention called the "Dog-Bone" was released on the market, the patent was issued in August and Dr. Brady finally MADE THE WALL!

The Dog-Bone is an implant and technique which Dr. Brady first developed in his garage using a metal washer he modified from the hardware store and trying the washer on plastic bone models. After extensive product development collaboration with the ingenious engineers at Arthrex...the Dog-Bone implant was born.

The device and implant are primarily utilized for the stabilization of Acromioclavicular joint (AC Joint) injuries. These injuries typically occur when people fall onto the point of their shoulder. The Dog-Bone repair of the AC joint has been demonstrated to be TWICE as strong as almost every other repair technique of this joint and thus has become an extremely common and frequently utilized repair method not only in the United States but also worldwide.

While Dr. Brady is extremely honored to be recognized on the Arthrex patent wall...he is much more excited that he has contributed to "helping surgeons treat their patients better"!

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